10 best place to visit in Bangalore,karnataka,India

If you wish to visit or holiday in bangalore than this list of 10 place initially entered your mind, these are extremely good place to enjoy with good friend or household so peaceful and lovely you will wish to remain forever.



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  1. Sarah Sayson

    Jun 30. 2015


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  2. Praveen Kumar

    Jul 30. 2015


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  3. Badrujjaman Babu

    Aug 08. 2015

    Nice place

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  4. criticarane

    Aug 27. 2015

    have you actually mentioned the name of the places in the video?

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  5. Jaishankar Prasad

    Sep 26. 2015

    Kannadiga mother fuckers. Kannada is the worst language in the world. Namo, Jai Hind

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  6. telly videos

    Oct 05. 2015

    wonderla is nice

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  7. tarun singh

    Oct 23. 2015

    HAL a must place to visit in Bangalore

    Anyone knows its timing and number of days open.

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  8. shivana gowda

    Jan 13. 2016

    beautiful garden city

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  9. Pankaj Bishnoi

    Feb 27. 2016

    1. Cubbon park
    2. Bannerghatta national park.
    3. Lalbagh botanical garden
    4. Bangalore palace
    5. Visvesvarya industrial and technological museum
    6. Iskcon temple
    7 Tipu sulatn palace
    8 HAL Aerospace museum
    9 Vidhana Soudha
    10 Wondela
    +Nandi Hills
    +Snow city

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  10. anjali gupta

    Mar 11. 2016

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  11. Rajan Kumar

    Apr 03. 2016

    none of the places are maintained. so no fun visiting them. left overs of the past.

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  12. Sandipan Deb

    Aug 13. 2016

    good to see

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  13. Hanna Ciuba

    Aug 13. 2016

    Film dull, chaotic, technically weak. It does not show many interesting places in Bangalore .. Despite this, thank you, that I could look at my beloved city. Music … horrible, annoying, pointless.
    Why Indians come in the pool in clothes?

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    Oct 02. 2016


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  15. TheSmadhurip

    Oct 31. 2016

    Cubbon park is very much nice

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  16. Mikelle Callahan

    Feb 04. 2017

    Beautiful city to visit. Cubbon Park is so lovely,

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