10 best places to see in Amsterdam – A city’s travel guide

Vidtur's travel guide for travelers showing up to Amsterdam – What to see and where to go to, the best ways to explore the Traffic signal district and take pleasure in one (or more) of the numerous coffeeshops in the city.
Planning a household holiday?
Find out about enjoyable activities for kids, consisting of Amsterdam's finest museums and – naturally – do not forget to join a boat cruise.
This video presents a few of the leading things to visit in Amsterdam: Anne Frank House, Van Gogh museum, Nemo Science Center, Begijnhof, Heineken Experience, The Traffic signal district, Dam Square and more.



23 Responses to “10 best places to see in Amsterdam – A city’s travel guide”

  1. Capt Eric Bergeron

    Feb 20. 2016

    Enjoyed this video and the editing is awesome.

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  2. Micky K

    Jun 30. 2016

    What about vondel park?

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  3. Jerry Vdm

    Aug 16. 2016

    the what

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  4. Jerry Vdm

    Aug 16. 2016

    its fake

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    Sep 04. 2016

    Boring city indeed.

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  6. elizabeth mcsorley

    Oct 06. 2016


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  7. Cinnamon .Blog

    Oct 18. 2016

    I love this city! went there twice this year

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  8. doskido

    Nov 27. 2016

    He mentions that the Dutch are reconsidering laws and that tourists may no longer be allowed in the coffee shops. Is he for real or just making that up? It seems foolish that they’d do that because I’m sure at leat 25% of their income from tourism is due to the people that come to get high. . .

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    • sit on my face please

      Dec 19. 2016

      doskido, it’s kinda true but as he said keep up with the locals

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    • christian klett

      Jan 19. 2017

      doskido they tried to stop it years ago but obviously it didn’t stop. I was there months ago and it’s still good ol Amsterdam

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    • James Davis

      Feb 02. 2017

      they did do that but in border cities with other countries. didnt affect amsterdam

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  9. Our Van Diaries

    Dec 30. 2016

    Fantastic vid, really enjoyed it!

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  10. Life'sLikeThat

    Jan 03. 2017

    We were there for 24 hours. The city is so beautiful 🙂

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    Feb 08. 2017

    Please tell me what to do there im going on June!!

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  12. Holidays Tour and Travel

    Feb 11. 2017

    wow great video….thanks 4 upload.

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  13. David B

    Mar 31. 2017

    Since this video was made, there is no longer any danger of tourists being banned from the coffeeshops.

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  14. Livius Livis

    Apr 13. 2017

    Drugs and prostitutes… period! The rest of the country is full of cold people and plain lands.

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  15. roger 0000

    Apr 17. 2017

    iev bern for 35 years still love it

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  16. pierre van groeningen

    May 01. 2017

    Het is leuk althans voor mijn om in deze wereldse stad geboren te zijn ervaar de veelzijdigheid van deze mooie stad en je komt tijd te kort !

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  17. MsAndersun

    May 05. 2017

    Like your channel! Check out mine and let me know what you think!

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  18. Nasser Mouneera

    May 18. 2017

    Not going until wilders dies

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  19. Cornelius Tiberiu Codau

    Jun 09. 2017

    Thanks 🙂

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  20. Just me

    Jul 05. 2017

    People, don’t fall for this bullshit…Amsterdam is definitely not that special as most people say it is. In the summer the city is overcrowded and it sewers always stink at hot weather. the streets are dirty because everyone throws their garbage on the streets. The town is full of junkies and pickpockets. You will be dissapointed when you go there.

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