10 Best Places To Visit In Dubai

Dubai is a fun and unimportant play ground on the Persian Gulf, however don't consider it the Vegas of the Middle East. Numerous an immigrant has been tossed in prison for unintentionally devoting an offense.

Here is the Top 10 Places To Visit In Dubai During your visit to Dubai ensure to visit these locations.

10 Best Places To Visit In Dubai.
1. Burj Khalifa
Basing on 829.8 m, this highest building on earth provides you the 360-degree view of the city from never prior to knowledgeable heights. Specifically at nights, the city lights just make it a lot more stunning making it a site not to be missed.
2. Dubai Museum
From traditional boats, weaponry, musical instruments to artifacts dating 3000-4000 years of ages, Dubai Museum has it all to display to the visitors. Museum itself is housed in the shocking Al-Fahidi Fort with rich history. The museum will draw you closer to Dubai's history.
3. Bastakia
The Bastakia Quarter, likewise referred to as Old Dubai, used to be the shelter to rich Persian merchants of pearls and textiles back in late 19th century. Limestone structures, wind-towers, Characteristic narrow lanes, Arab ceramics and furniture are few things placed on presentation.
4. Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House
How do Emperor's lavishness and way of life appears like? Well, you can have fill of such interests while walking through this museum rebuilt preserving the creativity of house of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai between 1921-1958.
5. Dubai Creek
Dubai Creek, the divider of city into 2: Deira and Bur Dubai, has constantly been of significant significance for Dubai to have actually achieved these heights. The Dhow Wharfage assists in the visitors to have closer insight at standard Dhow workers. You might even catch a vessel for a trip or more.
6. Jumeirah Mosque
Jumeirah Mosque is Dubai's response to Cairo's Al-Azhar mosque. Islamic architecture is at its finest kind with utilization of the medieval Fatimid tradition in the stone structures. With floodlights on, the structure just comes to life.
7. Deira Souks
Dubai creek's northern bank and its winding street forwards you how the various nationalities have mix together in this typical house location. The souks (markets) here likewise have Deira Gold Souq, the biggest gold bazaar on the planet. It has everything you can take back home for your cherished.
8. Sheikh Zayed Road
Rimmed with imposing glass and garnished with steel highrises, this eight-lane highway runs through variety of touristic websites. Collection of contemporary art in The courtyard Gallery, breathtaking observation from Dubai World Trade Tower, Jewellery varieties at the Gold and Diamond parks are couple of things you can run into.
9. Dubai Aquarium
If you are marine fan and is going to Dubai, this site is supposed to be first name in the bucket list. Walking through the fish tank tunnels, you can feast your eyes on 140 species of sea life. Cage Snorkeling and Shark Diving are couple of other things you can capture up.
10. Burj Al-Arab
Would not you like to dine worldwide's tallest hotel at height of 321 m? Naturally you will unless you have some severe issues with heights. Built upon a synthetic island, it resembles a rippling dhow sail. One prepared to splurge any quantity for enjoyable can't miss out on undersea supper at Al-Mahara restaurant.

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  1. Charlie Long

    Mar 08. 2017

    I am planning to visit dubai this year. I will be there for 10 days and will definitely check out these places. Thanks for information on dubai.

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  2. Mohammed Kamruzzama

    Mar 11. 2017

    BH hhghg

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  3. Raymond Dennis

    Mar 20. 2017

    The mosque shown at 1:49 is in Brunei, not Dubai!

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  4. mxDubai / Premium Desert Adventures in Dubai

    Mar 21. 2017

    These are definitely the top 10 in Dubai, agreed. But let´s not forget the small adventures such as http://www.mxdubai.com

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  5. Jawahar Babu

    Apr 27. 2017

    Hevan in the world

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  6. Jawahar Babu

    Apr 27. 2017

    Hevan in the world

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  7. momthegreatest

    May 09. 2017

    My sister and family just came back after 10 days trip there.

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  8. shazfa shihab shazfa

    May 11. 2017

    l love Dubai

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  9. raj K

    May 16. 2017

    The list is incomplete. It is missing the Dubai mall, musical water fountain show at Khaleefa, desert safari, Miracle garden(from Nov to May), indoor skiing club.

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  10. Meesha Mir

    May 17. 2017


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  11. Paul Thomas-Barnes

    May 20. 2017

    Nice short and snappy intro to Dubai, but what ghastly and annoying music. Please do yourself a favour and change it 🙂

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  12. Sandra Pause

    May 27. 2017

    What?? No Ski Dubai?? Just awful!!

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  13. Jefrie Haryono

    Jun 11. 2017

    Dubai is polluted with indians pakistanis and pinoys

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  14. Bablu Srimani

    Jun 14. 2017

    Dubai is Excilent

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  15. Shiva Kumar

    Jun 15. 2017

    shiva kumar

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  16. gout g valide

    Jul 10. 2017

    Just fabulous 😍😍😍

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  17. Nately Qtaishat

    Jul 10. 2017

    I went to almost all the places

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  18. Bakhtawar Abdul Wasay Khan

    Jul 12. 2017

    I am in dubai

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  19. Bakhtawar Abdul Wasay Khan

    Jul 12. 2017

    I have sent to all places

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  20. Laraib Hashmi

    Jul 14. 2017

    Amazing placess

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