10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal

10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal

Whether scaling the slopes of Mt. Everest or paying homage at the birth place of the Buddha, a trip to Nepal is a top destination for lots of travelers. Positioned along the Himalayan range of mountains in between China and India in South Asia, the country boasts a few of the most varied landscapes on earth, from snow-capped mountains to subtropical forests. Nepal's culture is just as varied, filled with centuries-old temples and shrines, an abundance of vibrant celebrations and lots of exotic items to peruse and acquire.
From adrenaline-filled activities like mountaineering, kayaking and paragliding to serene strolls amongst middle ages temples and covert palaces, this nation provides more remarkable travel experiences than can be squeezed into a single go to. An introduction of the best locations to go to in Nepal:
10. Lumbini
9. Janakpur
8. Nagarkot
7. Khumbu
6. Chitwan National Park
5. Pokhara
4. Patan
3. Bhaktapur
2. Annapurna Circuit
1. Kathmandu

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  1. deep basnet

    Nov 14. 2016

    the video u had shown of lumbini
    isn’t actually lumbini
    it’a a college so, show proper place..

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  2. reason luitel

    Nov 22. 2016

    why eastern nepal is not included in any best place to visit in nepal……eastern nepal is awsome too….ilam vedetar dharan taplejung dhankuta…you guyz need to visit eastern nepal ,its beautiful..

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  3. Elsie James

    Feb 10. 2017

    Nepal is indeed one of the most fascinating and diverse countries in the world. Well worth visiting. I have lived and worked there for a good part of the past 21 years. However, this video is positively the most unprofessional, poorly photographed one I have ever seen. The script is poorly written and the narrator mispronounced all but 2 place names. Several times the narration was not even describing the scenes on the video but someplace entirely different. Do your homework before you attempt to make the next film = if there is one.

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    • Saroz Bhattarai

      Mar 04. 2017

      yes you are right..speech n the videos seems different…you need to do much homework for full n proper information…

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    • Love Aggarwal

      Jun 26. 2017

      Hi there, me and my friends are planning to go to Nepal this august for 3 nights.. please help us best places/attractions we can cover in 3 days?

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  4. chaoticB81

    Apr 04. 2017

    boooooring…not nepal. the narration

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  5. chadani gurung

    Apr 04. 2017


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  6. Prashant Pandey

    Apr 10. 2017


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  7. Er.Nikesh Maharjan

    Apr 23. 2017

    This video is highly misleasding. I am goin to report it..

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  8. farabi jaman

    May 04. 2017

    love from Bangladesh.

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  9. EkendraOnLine.com

    May 06. 2017

    Misleading video footages, you guys need to seriously research before including the footages. There are many irrelevant and misleading footages of multiple places mentioned in this video.

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  10. Arjun Chhetri

    May 28. 2017

    wrost comment

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  11. Dipin Ghimire

    Jun 15. 2017

    spelling is poor if speaker of this video

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  12. Nawab Rk Faizu Khan

    Jun 15. 2017


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  13. Technical World

    Jun 17. 2017

    booring videoo the best place to visit is illam nepal and mustang….i am nepalese dude

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  14. Deepak Bastakoti

    Jun 18. 2017

    hahahah thats not actual lumbini its a college named after lumbini 😀 😀

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  15. Dhom Corpuz

    Jun 21. 2017

    how much it cost for 7 days tour,including visa, any idea

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  16. Android Gammer

    Jun 24. 2017

    wtf no ilam eastern nepal is the best place to visit

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  17. Samir bhandari

    Jun 29. 2017

    NEPA. is my country

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    Jul 04. 2017

    Shame about the mispronunciation of the place names!!

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  19. Radio Sainamaina

    Jul 07. 2017

    The place which shows the Lumbini is not Lumbini that was a collage which lies on lumbini but not the birth Place of Lord Buddha . This Chanel most do homework while preparing video .

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