12 Travel Packing Tips: Howdini Hacks

Finally! Your trip is here, but the thought of packing all your things into one luggage is freaking you out. Howdini Hacks shares some space-saving travel packing suggestions so that you will not have to leave anything behind– other than for the tension.

– Fold and roll to conserve space: 0:09
– Stuff shoes with small products in resealable plastic bags: 0:25
– Utilize the overlapping layer formation strategy for denims, coats and dresses: 0:42
– Load sports jackets inside out ti prevent wrinkles: 1:05
– Refill travel-size bottles for shampoo and conditioner: 1:15
– Location plastic wrap over the bottles to avoid leaks and spills in the suitcase: 1:32
– Use prescription bottles for cotton swabs: 1:42
– Contact cases a terrific to store structure or other makeup along with little necessities: 1:50
– Keep delicate jewelry safe and secure thanks to press n seal plastic wrap: 2:03
– Secure earrings together through holes of buttons: 2:26
– Ditch heavy books and magazine. Go digital: 2:41
– Sneak the heavy stuff into your travel partner's bag: 2:54

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23 Responses to “12 Travel Packing Tips: Howdini Hacks”

  1. Travel Hack

    Jan 22. 2016

    I’m going to China in two weeks, and this is super helpful.

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  2. Kritika Taya

    Dec 18. 2016

    Love it.. I’m going on my first trip.. And I can really use these hacks considering I’d have to carry a lot of warm clothes!

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  3. Felicia

    Mar 09. 2017

    These were amazing tips. My toner and face wash ALWAYS spill. Gonna try putting Saran Wrap over the bottle first

    Reply to this comment
  4. Harsh Tripathi

    May 22. 2017

    You are great….helped me a lot… thanx..

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  5. Iliana Ochoa

    Jun 02. 2017

    I’m going to peru in three weeks for 2 months so this is very helpful!

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  6. Gnome Child

    Jun 03. 2017

    **when you’re paranoid af and stuff winter clothes in your suitcase because you think Hawaii in the summer is gonna be cold**

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  7. I'm a trash

    Jun 08. 2017

    Then I’ll just sneak my things into my mom’s bag 😂

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  8. Amer Isawi

    Jun 11. 2017

    What is the brand for bag ???

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  9. Eve Eden

    Jun 18. 2017

    heres a tip from me to avoid leakedge try the rollon stuff 😊

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  10. marslenaa a

    Jun 19. 2017

    I like it ❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  11. Mathilda Jensen

    Jun 21. 2017

    This really helped!! Thank you!!

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  12. anna selman

    Jun 28. 2017

    I’m going to Sydney tomorrow! really really helped thanksss!

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  13. Paket Liburan Bali

    Jun 30. 2017

    Nice Tips. Thank You

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  14. Μαρινα Δουκα

    Jul 02. 2017

    A good idea would be to put your shoes in plastic bags to prevent dirt

    Reply to this comment
  15. Daniel Chu

    Jul 02. 2017

    jewelry with plastic wrap is the worst travel hack any pseudo packing hack uses that somehow got really popular…

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  16. mediterraneanchick1

    Jul 06. 2017

    Hi, may I know the name or model of your luggage please? It looks spacious.

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  17. Riza Mae 143

    Jul 12. 2017

    THis really help me!!! Ill be going home tomorrow in denmark from Paris

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  18. Delightful Travellers

    Jul 13. 2017

    Fantastic video. Well done! We truly enjoyed it.

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  19. BaggiesofSwaggiesGaming

    Jul 13. 2017

    OOH, i has idea, idk if this will work but…. make one huge roll of clothing lol

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  20. JJ's Rc and stuff

    Jul 13. 2017

    Who brings magazines on vacation

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