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    Jan 22. 2016

    Great advice. I am now a month in on traveling a year in Europe and am super excited to use some of these hacks. Thanks:) I just subscribed and can’t wait for more Vids.

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    • sarah albassam

      Jul 04. 2016

      does the second row have plugs?

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    • Cissie Ellie and

      Jul 29. 2016

      +crazy bunny yes It does

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    • Dream In Autumn

      Nov 15. 2016

      GOOD LUCK! 😀
      I subbed to you! I will be starting my 3 year travelling journey in April 2017!! Not long now 😀
      Will document it all on my channel too <3

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    • Hannah Loves Corgis

      Nov 25. 2016

      +DREAM IN AUTUMN I did 2!

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    • Afrinaturality

      Mar 13. 2017

      Dream In Autumn 3 years! Wowsa! Enjoy!

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  2. spasmotic alien queen.

    Apr 15. 2017

    You saved my life when I travelled to Chicago.

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  3. Vvstig Zavier Saunders

    Apr 18. 2017

    Did she predict the united boycott

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  4. Miss Amanda's world

    May 04. 2017

    I’m nervous about my flight in November I have never truly been on plane because ride around airport at 9 months doesn’t count. And I have ADHD which probably helps nothing

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    • silvrgurrl *

      Jun 18. 2017

      Miss Amanda’s world Pack lots to do in the bag you’ll bring on the plane (not your carry-on, which is put in an overhead bin- but your extra bag/backpack, etc.) I use a large tote. This is the bag you pack w/everything you’ll need on the plane. Pack things that are soothing for if you get anxious and things to keep your mind occupied. A few different options.

      Stuff to Do Ideas:
      • 1-2 paperback books/magazines (that interest you)
      • Travel book about the place you’re visiting- if you learn more about it, the trip is more interesting & you can pick what you’d like to see/do.
      • If you like art, try those “adult” coloring books w/the intricate designs & a set of colored pencils.
      • Music & movies- load up your laptop/device w/ones you want to see- don’t forget headphones.
      • Good time to catch up on homework, if in school (I always have stuff I can do for my job!)
      • If you have a fidget or something to help your ADHD, bring it. (There are lots of gadgets available now to help ADHDers; if you don’t have one, maybe do some research. Having your hands occupied can help. As long as it’s not annoying to other passengers- i.e. noisy.)

      • If you take meds to help you relax/sleep, don’t forget them- or consider melatonin/something like that (ask a pharmacist/health food store clerk for things that help w/relaxation/sleep.) My son has ADHD & uses Melatonin. But only for a longer flight, so you don’t have to worry about being drowsy! I’m afraid of flying, so I try to sleep as much as possible!
      Along those lines, bring anything that helps you relax. I bring:
      • One of those U-shaped neck pillows (find online, in travel stores or at the airport)
      • A large scarf to use as a blanket (or thin, packable blanket)
      • Cozy, fuzzy socks cause my feet get cold (and who wants to be barefoot- eww.)
      • Wear comfy clothes- you can still look cute, just nothing tight/uncomfortable. Doesn’t have to be a track suit/pajamas (tho that’s fine if it’s how you’re comfy!)
      • Like Nadine said, layers! I wear leggings or a long skirt/maxi-dress (to keep legs warm) a tank-top & light-weight sweater I can tie around my waist. This is for a hot destination; I’m assuming since it’s summer, you’re going someplace hot? For a cold trip, I’d wear warmer leggings & a heavier sweater (w/tank or tee under) & a jacket/coat (to add an extra warm layer AND not use suitcase space for it! Can be tied around suitcase handles when not wearing.)

      • Snacks & empty water bottle (fill up after security, as Nadine said) so you always have something to eat/drink & don’t have to wait for food service. If you buy food/drink in the airport, it’s ok to bring it on the plane. Don’t let yourself get hungry- if you’re like my son, that doesn’t help your symptoms. Eating something w/protein is best (cheese, meats, yogurt- obviously, eat soon; for packing- nuts, protein bars, etc, plus a snack w/sugar, like chocolate.)
      • GUM is a must, for ear issues caused by altitude changes & may help w/anxiety.
      • Hard candy you can suck on, like jolly ranchers
      • Chapstick & small hand lotion (planes make your skin dry)
      • Small hand sanitizer (I also bring sanitizing wipes for armrests & tray tables- eww, again.)

      I hope this is helpful. I know how ADHD can make things in life (like traveling) an extra challenge. Couple last suggestions:
      • YouTube channel called “How to ADHD”
      • Magazine called “ADDitude”
      Both of these have lots of helpful advice, tips, etc, for all things related to living w/this disorder. I’ve found both very useful; I have 2 sons w/ADD (one hyperactive type, one inattentive type.)

      Remember, if you’re having a hard time, you can ask the flight attendants for help. Be nice & just explain your situation & what you’re struggling with. They are there to help passengers in distress or who need assistance for any reason- that’s their job, so you’re not imposing. In a pinch, if you’re anxious- try drinking coffee. As you probably know, caffeine can calm you down. Good luck & have fun on your trip!

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    • Miss Amanda's world

      Jun 18. 2017

      Thank you silvrgurl. I’m going to play fair on Saturday of that weekend. I’ve got couple things planned for Friday. I know after play fair my legs will be done for afternoon.

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  5. Victoria Waller

    Jun 06. 2017

    Great video, so well animated with gestures!

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  6. Drea's Life

    Jun 09. 2017

    Well the front says that its more dangerous

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    • Peter Casaschi

      Jun 17. 2017

      Planes rarely crash, it does not matter at all. It is actually safer to fly then drive, and I bet you drive quite often.

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    • Drea's Life

      Jun 29. 2017

      It was a joke duhhh a phone cannot over power a plane

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  7. Marie

    Jun 12. 2017

    I have been more than you even look on my 15 facts about us

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  8. Saurabh Srivastava

    Jun 18. 2017

    u look like a drew bery more

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  9. Jean Paul Tomaz

    Jun 19. 2017

    Good tips, but whats up with the voice?

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  10. alLy bRookE hernandez

    Jun 19. 2017

    I thought u were andrea russet like if u agree👌

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  11. equestrian gal

    Jun 19. 2017

    it’s fine if you buy a black bag, what i do is tie a colorful ribbon or something and tie it to the side!!!

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  12. Romita Mendez Medina

    Jun 28. 2017

    I don’t like her!!😡😑

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  13. Luna Beeken

    Jul 01. 2017

    Your so pretty💕And very good,love to your videos❤

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  14. Sabine van Diemen

    Jul 03. 2017

    Thanks for your awesome tips!

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  15. Turtle

    Jul 05. 2017

    HACK Have friends that work at the airport. I got hooked with buisness class luggage and box carriage and VIP lounge.

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  16. Maati Elarfji

    Jul 06. 2017


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  17. Felix Qt

    Jul 10. 2017

    I’m going on my first solo backpacking trip to Mexico City and Guanajuato for two weeks in August! I’m pretty scared

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  18. Kate Rice

    Jul 11. 2017

    I am going to Italy tommorrow

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    Jul 13. 2017

    I am totally doing that bts is my life sourceeu

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  20. zo

    Jul 16. 2017

    NZ Airlines here I come🛫🏝

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