Dubai : 10 Must Visit Places

Visit Dubai. Get a Vacation in Dubai. 10 Must Visit Places of Dubai. See Dubai. Top10List has brought a list of 10 needs to go to places of Dubai. Dubai's lure for tourists is based mainly on shopping, however also on its possession of other ancient and modern destinations. Dubai tourism
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Dubai Future
Hotels in Dubai
Most incredible buildings
Dubai, The very best place in the world
DUBAI: The Greatest City In the world
Dubai– Certainly Dubai

This list include the following destinations:
Dubai Gold Souk
Wonder Garden
Atlantis Hotel
Palm Jumeriah
Desert Safari
Malls of Dubai
Beaches of Dubai
Burj al Arab
Dubai Creek
Burj Khalifa

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26 Responses to “Dubai : 10 Must Visit Places”

  1. Raghav Rajaram

    Nov 02. 2016

    We can say that Dubai is safest place . I love dubai.

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  2. Tayoomy

    Dec 04. 2016

    I went to all of them!! 😂😂

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  3. Sneha M

    Feb 05. 2017

    what a rich dubai! rich city…rich buildings…streets…peoples…worlds rich people…

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  4. Cam Etherington

    Feb 16. 2017

    Once I visit Dubai I will be very happy

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  5. Rochana Billy

    Apr 25. 2017

    1:36 looks like duba but I think the white pole is blocking the i

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  6. just me

    May 15. 2017

    Give it 10 – 15 years people will stop visiting ……

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  7. kashif khan

    May 31. 2017

    1000 times best than any indian city…

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  8. shaukat711

    May 31. 2017

    00447491138447 rana Muhammad shaukat uk

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  9. Faizan Choudhry

    Jun 01. 2017

    Where is Wild Waadi?

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  10. Catherine Kamene

    Jun 01. 2017

    was there the place is awesome

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    Jun 06. 2017

    Visits few Asian Slave communities in Sonapur!

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  12. ajit patra

    Jun 07. 2017

    important gold shop

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  13. Dumsile Dlamini

    Jun 12. 2017

    very much in love with Dubai wish i could be there

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  14. Lucky Najuke

    Jun 12. 2017

    so excited , coming back to Dubai. Astonishing place to visit

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  15. Rambo9612

    Jun 15. 2017

    Well that was a waste of life. Poor video.

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  16. brhoom gamer

    Jun 15. 2017

    all of you say dubai nice
    im Arabic
    im always read in comment the Arabic guy say Dubai sell she’s sellf to the wrong guy 😒 its not relly Dubai beat country and I love America very much

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  17. Rakesh Kumar

    Jun 25. 2017

    love you Dubai

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    Jul 09. 2017

    need a job in Dubai

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  19. sebastian06 navarro

    Jul 12. 2017

    8 places visit not bad

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  20. Meerab7011 Meerab7011

    Jul 14. 2017

    yes I want to see omm

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