New Zealand Travel | 10 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

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10 Best Places to Go to in New Zealand

Consisted of 2 main islands, North Island and South Island, New Zealand is an incredible destination to discover. Packed with unforgettable landscapes, spectacular landscapes, and an unequaled mix of lakes, mountains, and lavish plant, New Zealand has to be seen to be genuinely understood. While visiting New Zealand, be sure to give equal time to its lively cities and its more stunning natural landmarks. This article can function as your itinerary highlighting the best locations to go to in New Zealand.
10. Stewart Island
9. Nelson
8. Glacier Country
7. Napier
6. Rotorua
5. Paihia
4. Auckland
3. Queenstown
2. Tongariro National Park
1. Fiordland

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29 Responses to “New Zealand Travel | 10 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand”

  1. Jen Glenn

    Jan 28. 2017

    The ridiculous robot voice really put me off this video – why do people keep using them.

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  2. Lexie Mullan

    Feb 13. 2017

    I’m from New Zealand 🇳🇿 trust me its a good place to visit 👍🏻

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  3. MrNarcalot

    Feb 14. 2017

    In my opinion, the most beautiful country in the world! The only other country I would love to reside in. Stunningly Beautiful!

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  4. Raymond McKinley

    Feb 19. 2017

    On 3 February 1931, most of Napier and nearby Hastings was leveled by an earthquake, not fire. Do some research!

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    • Brendan. Greally

      Apr 23. 2017

      Raymond- you’re right it was levelled by the earthquake. I studied the earthquake at Vic. Most of the deaths were a result of 3 fires. The fire brigades were hit badly by the quake and could not attend to the fatal fires which broke out in the centre of the city.

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    • Boopeh

      May 07. 2017

      YUp because I’m from napier

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    • Raymond McKinley

      May 07. 2017

      Cool I lived in Taradale and went to Colenso high, many moons ago.

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  5. Yumlam Minji

    Feb 26. 2017

    pls don’t let Islam corrupt ur country. when ww3 starts I will come to this place as a refugee. and I really don’t want to see any Muslim ppls. I am from chinese origin and an educated person in my 20’s so I will be productive and a working man. I have no radical beliefs other than the fear of Islam destroying entire cultures like how they are destroying Europe now. I hope new Zealand is an English speaking country

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    • Sunheart Films

      Mar 27. 2017


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    • ItzZ MuunnA

      Apr 17. 2017

      Sunheart Films thank you! I really appreciate it

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  6. KatiushaVN4

    Mar 05. 2017

    I didn’t know the Shire was in New Zealand. Interesting.

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  7. Madeline g

    Apr 16. 2017

    I live in New Zealand 🇳🇿 it is beautiful

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  8. Laughterhouse 5

    Apr 28. 2017

    How many times did it say glacier?

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  9. vijay kumar

    May 09. 2017

    hi please visit india

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  10. VR3 Films

    May 16. 2017

    Hey, can I use your video for our school video? We will not gonna monetize the video, and we will give your name in credits. Can we use it?

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  11. Sỹ Hoàng Anh

    May 24. 2017

    Hey, I’m planning on studying in NZ… pls welcome me from Vietnam!! <3

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  12. Biswajit Paul

    May 25. 2017

    I could n’t wait to subscribe. Nowway video was so amazing

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  13. Diamantino Moreira travel and discovery

    Jun 03. 2017

    Just wonderful, congratulations !!!

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  14. fa de

    Jun 23. 2017

    Robot voice = skipped video after 45 seconds

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  15. safdar mhd

    Jul 01. 2017

    Really very beautiful place on earth.

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  16. Cody Kindler

    Jul 03. 2017

    I live in newzeland

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  17. Adrianne Fey LONGID

    Jul 10. 2017

    r u Siri?

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  18. Adrianne Fey LONGID

    Jul 10. 2017


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  19. พิมพ์ชนก โยธาทิพย์

    Jul 18. 2017


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