The 10 Best Cities To Travel To In 2017

From the appeals of Chile to wonderful Granada and the beaches of Bermuda, our experts pick the 20 best destinations to go to in the coming months.

10. Portland, Oregon

Portland doesn’t aim to impress anyone and so impresses everyone. It’s America’s city of the future: a friendly, sustainable, ethical location that values excellent living and leisure over acquisitiveness and ambition. Bisected by the Willamette River and surrounded by peaks, it is also a preternaturally appealing place. What better area could there be for seeing among nature’s fantastic eyeglasses: the solar eclipse of 21 August 2017. Although the eclipse will be partial in Portland, own a few miles south into the Willamette Valley or raise Mt Hood and you’ll be cast in the moon’s deep umbra in between 9.06 am and 11.38 am (PDT).

9. Moscow, Russia

Russia may not have actually revealed all its Revolution-centennial strategies, but it’s as clear as a crenellated Kremlin façade that there will be transformations in Moscow. The city will host football matches in the 2017 Confederations Cup and the 2018 FIFA World Cup, so the race is on to bring a notion of the ultra-modern to a metropolitan area renowned for overblown architecture. The brand-new Ramenskoye Airport and a brand-new metro line will imply an all-time high in the city’s connectivity, and Moscow will acquire a smash hit attraction in the Polytechnic Museum and Educational Centre, moved to a dramatic building in the Vorobyovy Gory hills.

8. Lisbon, Portugal

It’s got sights, culture and cuisine, yet Lisbon’s hardly ever pointed out along with southern European heavyweights such as Barcelona or Rome. If this mystifying absence of recognition is exactly what helps the Portuguese capital stay a deal, long might it continue. Add the weak point of the euro, and the city looks like an unsurpassable deal. Need to you require more persuasion, though, think about the museums: from Egyptian artefacts at Museu Calouste Gulbenkian to pop art at Museu Colecção Berardo, Lisbon groans with them, but the cravings appears unsated: a museum committed to the history of Judaism in Portugal is pertaining to the Alfama district in 2017.

7. Seoul, South Korea

For over a few years Seoul has been striving to become a greener, more appealing and user-friendly city. Following on from successful jobs such as the Cheonggyecheon, where an aging elevated highway was torn down and replaced with a central park and waterway, the city will reveal in the latter part of 2017 the Seoul Skygarden. This time, the old highway in concern– a 938m-long, 17m-tall overpass beside carry hub Seoul Station– will end up being the platform on which trees, shrubs and flowers will be planted to produce an arboretum of regional types.

6. Pistoia, Italy

Individuals often describe Pistoia as ‘little Florence’ for its concentration of art and architecture. But, in spite of its beauties, this Tuscan town sees simply a fraction of Florence’s travelers. That’s set to alter in 2017, when the city will take its turn as Italy’s Capital of Culture. Pistoia made the title in acknowledgment of its remarkable cultural credentials and devotion to grass-roots concepts and regional entrepreneurship. In return, the award provides the city a chance to display an alternative side to Tuscany: one that shuns grand-slam sights in favour of thriving little towns filled with character and dynamic, living culture.

5. Ohrid, Macedonia

Overlooking the extremely blue waters of its eponymous lake, Ohrid delights in a stunning position that is best viewed from a boat. From the water you’ll see the town’s terracotta roofing systems broken up by centuries-old church spires (the city declares when to have had 365) and ignored by the turreted walls of Car Samoil’s Castle. Ohrid has transformed itself from Macedonia’s religious centre to its busiest vacation resort, and its beaches are the very best by far in this otherwise landlocked country. However, a prepared new lake-shore development will likely change this drowsy town permanently, making now a good time to go.

4. Merida, Mexico

Mérida’s cultural offering is like no other on the Yucatán Peninsula (sorry, Cancún, you’ve got quite beaches, however celebration culture doesn’t count). On any provided day you’ll find a dizzying array of live music, art programs and dance performances, and the thriving cooking scene is hotter than a Habanero pepper. This year Mérida has actually been designated the American Capital of Culture, indicating visitors can expect a ginormous cultural extravaganza as organisers stage a series of large-scale events throughout 2017. And here’s the kicker: the so-called White City ranks among the safest places in Mexico nowadays.

3. Los Angeles, USA

Regardless of its credibility as a land of celebrities, health fanatics and well-rounded superficiality, LA has actually been getting steam as a cultural location while becoming more accessible than ever. The 2016 Metro growth has actually made obtaining from Downtown to Santa Monica and all over between much easier; city initiative Car Free LA assists travelers navigate without wheels; and almost 50 brand-new hotels are in the works. This isn’t really just a beach town, either; it’s a commerce capital, where film manufacturers and finance types socialize over sashimi and kale salads. East Coasters are moving here in droves for the sunshine and a more sustainable lifestyle.

2. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town’s deceptively laid-back folk have been working hard to include cultural and culinary cred to the Mother City’s popular natural charms, cementing its track record as an African city with an international outlook. Local gastronomy is as excellent as Table Mountain’s flat-topped mass, with historical wine estates in every instructions, hip markets offering the fruits of the Cape’s fertile terrain, and inventive dining establishments winning worldwide plaudits. The art and style scene will be offered an increase in September by the opening of the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA), the world’s biggest museum of contemporary African art and a post-industrial architectural marvel inhabiting a century-old grain silo.

1. Bordeaux, France

They used to call her the ‘Sleeping Beauty’, but– though she’s struck the snooze button a few times– Bordeaux is now wide awake and ready for action. The brand-new LGV Sud-Ouest line, due for completion in mid- 2017, connects the city with Europe’s high- speed train network and cuts take a trip time from Paris to just two hours. Its timing is best. The just recently opened Cité du Vin continues the impressive redevelopment of the Garonne riverfront with a state-of-the-art wine-lovers’ experience, and the city’s gastronomic transformation keeps structure by itself success. She’s going to skip breakfast: all aboard for Bordeaux’ grande bouffe!


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