Top 10 Must-Visit Cities Around the World

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23 Responses to “Top 10 Must-Visit Cities Around the World”

  1. The wicked_gamer13

    Feb 22. 2017

    guys I need to ask a question. do ppl in Italy have their own language?

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  2. DavidChicago

    May 03. 2017

    IM so scared of flying over oceans because Ive seen so many videos about planes crashing and I dont want thsat to havewdiberufdyru f04]hry4u n my fucking keyboard broke

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    • ShipShipMaya

      May 21. 2017

      Very few planes crash. I will say 1 in 10 million do. The reason plane crashes are top news is because they rarely happen, and if they do happen it’s a surprise, so everyone talks about it.

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  3. MReza Tayebi

    Jun 09. 2017

    Shiraz, Isfahan and Tehran are great too

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  4. Ema Celikovic

    Jun 18. 2017

    you should have added Dubai,it has all those things

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  5. Aaryan K

    Jun 19. 2017

    Alaska is my favorite state

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  6. Jocelyn Eva Seagreen

    Jun 21. 2017

    Top 10 cities
    1. England

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  7. Karan Odedra

    Jun 22. 2017

    No city from India? #strange

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  8. Angie jaimes

    Jun 27. 2017

    What about Acapulco, Mexico and Mexico City?

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  9. pritchy H

    Jun 27. 2017

    Paris should not be No.1, this list is so outdated. Parisians are very stuck up and the city is so run down.

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  10. papalike HD

    Jun 30. 2017

    que mierda es estas wey dislike :V

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  11. Andy M

    Jul 01. 2017

    I live in Edinburgh Scotland, it’s a nice place to visit.

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  12. Cameron Christie Plays

    Jul 06. 2017


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  13. Lars Von Trier

    Jul 06. 2017

    where is Gurgaon,India you fuckers?

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  14. TraditionalBD

    Jul 08. 2017

    i wish , i will visit whole world but there are many restriction , its not a global village .

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  15. Caesar Athallah

    Jul 08. 2017

    I knew Tokyo is gonna make it to the list

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  16. Hidser De Jong

    Jul 10. 2017

    new york is number 1 for sure

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  17. UY Scuti

    Jul 11. 2017

    Why is Kuala Lumpur not on Honorable Mentions? It’s the best!

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  18. TopYoutubing Channel

    Jul 12. 2017

    where is Dubai which must be number one

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  19. Sammy Vella

    Jul 15. 2017

    Just one issue about this list.


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  20. Tyler Penta

    Jul 17. 2017

    4 out 10 done 6 more to go

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