Top 10 Places to Visit in Chile

This list of top 10 places to visit in Chile shows you the highlights of the nation. I have been backpacking in Chile 2 times currently where I managed to go to 13 of 15 areas.
My complete Overview of Chile:

— my travel equipment–.
video camera.
packing list.
Online Language Course.

Due to it's long and narrow shape Chile is among the most varied countries on the continent. For that reason Backpacking in Chile is extremely appealing but likewise time consuming in matters of covering ranges– you ought to plan your journey well and avoid underestimation of distances!

Things to do in Chile covered in this video:.
– Atacama Desert, San Pedro de Atacama,.
– Streetart in Valparaiso, Valparaiso.
– Osorno Volcano, Puerto Varas.
– Villarrica Volcano, Pucon.
– Carretera Austral & Fjords near Puerto Montt.
– Futaleufú River, Futaleufu.
– Marble Caves, Puerto Rio Tranquilo.
– O'Higgins Glacier and O'Higgins Lake, Villa O'Higgins.
– Torres del Paine, Puerto Natales (a should perform in Chile!).
– Isla Magdalena & Los Pinguinos, Punta Arenas.

Finest Places to See in Chile: your favorites?
Did I miss out on any important spot you should check out when backpacking Chile? Tell us your preferred place to check out in Chile in the comments listed below and feel free to share this video with your pals!

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Picture Credits for O'Higgins Lake & Glacier:.

1) Lago O'Higgins-San Martín, NASA:.

2) Glaciar O'Higgins o Ventisquero Grande, Roberto Araya Barckhahn:.


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30 Responses to “Top 10 Places to Visit in Chile”

  1. Jonathon Woodgate

    Aug 06. 2016

    mi hermano Mika vive en Valparaíso !

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    • Nicolás Valverde

      Jan 08. 2017

      Jonathon Woodgate As a Chilean I can say that Valparaíso is amazing cause of its picturesque landscapes, old architecture and history, but now, there’s a lot to fix there because the city has become a dirty shithole.

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    • Pedro C

      Jan 28. 2017

      Valparaiso was far more beauty in the 80’s before 4 Mayors in a row break the administration of the city, now is too dirty ….. still i love mi city, but true comes firsts !

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    • Niza Costa

      Jun 02. 2017

      Y ustedes de donde son?

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  2. Nestor Ritter

    Oct 08. 2016

    Chile lo mejor de esta parte del Mundo

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    • Verónica Vásquez Bascuñán

      May 17. 2017

      Nestor Ritter …..el ultimo lugar del mundo, el más bello, CHILE!!!!!!!

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  3. Ana-Ruby

    Jan 15. 2017

    I just discovered this video when trying to find something nice about Chile. I am from Chile myself and now I live in Australia.
    I love the way you showed all those beautiful places in Chile! I haven’t been to all of those places myself!! This is great! I feel I want to go to more places now when going back to Chile for holidays!! Thank you!!! Fantastic work! 🙂

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    • Ana-Ruby

      Jan 17. 2017

      BackPacker Steve keep the good work! I just subscribed to your channel to follow your adventures around the world. 😊

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    • Ana-Ruby

      Jan 17. 2017

      +AlaricaTravels Two weeks is not enough! I was just over there for 6 weeks and I still wanted to stay longer! Lol Too much to do. Too many people to spend time with.

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    • AlaricaTravels

      Jan 17. 2017

      I know! but school and work hahaha if im lucky im going to see if I can get 3 weeks of vacation ahah im sooo excited

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    • BackPacker Steve

      Jan 21. 2017

      Lovely – thanks so much, I’ll promise to keep them coming!

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    • Nga Dang

      Jan 28. 2017

      Ana-Ruby i

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  4. Ahmed Alhouti

    Feb 19. 2017

    un problema estoy no quiero viaje para Chile por que esto es mucho frío creo

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  5. Ricardo Moraga

    Mar 12. 2017


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  6. StreetsAreWatchin

    Mar 14. 2017

    Are there any Pinochet monuments or shrines to pray for God to take all the world’s leftists and throw them out of giant helicopter?

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  7. steve w

    Apr 24. 2017

    What month(s) would you recommend visiting these places?

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  8. Tamuna Yvavadze

    Apr 29. 2017

    i love chile.god bless forever.i have love from chile.te amo carlos❤❤❤

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  9. Marcela White

    May 04. 2017

    Parque Nacional Torres del Paine is Amazing 😌

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  10. Alvaro Ríos

    May 19. 2017

    Falto isla de pascua, isla de chilóe y las viñas de la zona central.

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  11. Jazztification

    May 26. 2017

    Not ‘one of the most diverse countries’ but THE most diverse country…

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  12. Joel Q

    Jun 07. 2017

    island robinson crose, paranal, parque lauca.

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  13. Felipe Vega Díaz

    Jun 07. 2017

    Oh my patagonia! I miss it so bad! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I grew up there and it’s amazing!

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  14. Gisella Miskullini

    Jun 15. 2017

    Thank for showing my country regards from France 🇫🇷

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  15. Crys Raviani

    Jun 17. 2017

    Eu amo o Chile!

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  16. Ross

    Jun 18. 2017

    Am a Canadian and I would love to see Chile for a good month.Life there seems at a slower pace
    then here in Canada it’s a rat race,if their is someone from Chile love to hear from you.

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  17. Haseeb Saad

    Jun 21. 2017

    How to reach Antarctica from Chile?

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  18. Aldo Augusto

    Jun 25. 2017

    donde está cultura Araucano o se llevó Diego De Almagro jajaja jajaja

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  19. anton continental

    Jul 03. 2017

    Excellent video.
    Thank you very much for highlighting some of the beauties to be found in continental Chile. (Showing the map locations is really helpful as well.)
    I hope you enjoyed your time here and come back soon.

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  20. hugo jim

    Jul 04. 2017

    How far (to the north) from Punta Arenas can you find penguins? I’ll be in Valparaíso next month. Nice video!

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    • anton continental

      Jul 05. 2017

      To find penguins, you can also go north of Valparaiso. An island called Isla Choros, near La Serena.
      29°15’25.62″S 71°32’22.51″O
      29°15’25.62″S 71°32’22.51″W
      -29.257117, -71.539586
      Hope you enjoy your visit to Chile.

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