Top 10 Places to visit in Phuket / Thailand

Leading 10 Places to go in Phuket, Top 10 Places to see in Phuket
Finest Attractions in Phuket to do, Thailand Travel Guide
Where to check out in Phuket? holiday in phuket
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30 Responses to “Top 10 Places to visit in Phuket / Thailand”

  1. aydın şevik

    Nov 19. 2014

    Phuket is Heaven

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  2. Miroslav Miroslavovič

    Oct 02. 2015

    It helped me in deciding

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    • aydın şevik

      Oct 02. 2015

      +Miroslav Miroslavovič i am happy, if i could help you 🙂

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  3. Emily Wati

    Oct 20. 2015

    im going to Phuket on November

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  4. kapumail

    Nov 15. 2015


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  5. Kenan Misir

    Oct 02. 2016

    your video is loaded with bukllshit

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  6. Ana Elle

    Oct 15. 2016

    Please, if visiting thailand, NEVER go to any show or attraction that has animals. They are often mal-treated to obtain their submission. There are many beautiful sancturaries that rescue these animals and treat them with love and care so they can recover from their past. When going to Thailand, please keep in mind where you put your money. So instead of this crocodile shows, go the the sancturaries where you can get a beautiful and real experience while VOTING WITH YOUR MONEY TO STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY. Thank you for reading.

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    Nov 18. 2016

    is Phuket a good time to visit in december…if i look at december 2016 calendar…the weather doesn,t ,t look good at all?.

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  8. Wolfgang B

    Dec 23. 2016

    beautiful , I love your vidéo, I have a TIMELAPSE chanel you can look 😉

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  9. Pool Cleaner

    Jan 06. 2017

    I have been to Thailand and it was the worst trip of my life and if you do plan to go don’t go in October or November it is all raining, and if you stay in Phuket don’t stay in grace
    land it is next to Patong beach it stinks and
    Is so humid*DO NOT GO* 😷🤢😵

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  10. Sarah Smulders

    Jan 17. 2017

    Going to Phuket in August, but then it will be rainy…

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  11. Holidays Tour and Travel

    Feb 11. 2017

    Beautiful historic city, thanks for the trip, enjoyed it very much.

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    Feb 16. 2017

    That’s amazing! How long have you been making vids? Check out my videos.

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  13. Jimmy Reppas

    Apr 09. 2017

    αι γαμης

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  14. Bittu Sharma

    Apr 12. 2017


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  15. KHM Travel & Tours

    Apr 13. 2017

    It is better to travel well than to arrive. Buddha

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  16. น้องจิ๊บ พริตตี้รถเหล็ก

    May 21. 2017

    so beautiful

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  17. Christian tønnesen

    Jun 04. 2017

    4:47 what phuket is about haha

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  18. Vipin Kumar

    Jul 01. 2017


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  19. emily arcenas

    Jul 03. 2017

    I’ve been there to phuket.its a nice place.

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