Top 10 Things to See in Thailand

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If you are thinking of going to Thailand, here are some suggestions on what you can do and where you can go! These are a few of the locations that we visited there:

Koh Tao
Chiang Mai
Koh Phangan
Koh Samui
Koh Nang Yuan
Koh Phi Phi

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29 Responses to “Top 10 Things to See in Thailand”

  1. Shannon MB

    Nov 20. 2016

    PALLLLEEEZE…Riding elephants ast one of the MUST DO in Thailand??? You guys are so ignorant and cruel…these elephants are treated like the ones in circus, caged and chained…SHAME ON YOU. That is so inhumane!

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    • Project Nicky

      Dec 15. 2016

      Shannon MB They are not chained, they are TRAINED, and do you see how they treat the humans? I saw the people TRAIN them, NOT CAGE THEM OR FREAKING CHAIN THEM, THE ELEPHANTS ARE OUR NATIONAL ANIMAL. IF WE DARE TO DO THAT, THEN WE ARE NOT THE COUNTRY OF *FREEDOM*

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    • jollyzoro

      Jan 03. 2017

      Do some research. I love Thailand, but it’s just a lie, if you say, that those elephants (like seen in the video) are getting a well treatment. An elephant is a wild animal and does not exist for doing tricks for tourist, so that his owners can make money with it. What do you think, it needs, that an elephant starts to act like that? They totally break his spirit with torture and cruel stuff until he learns to do, what they want from them. That is cruelty.

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  2. mikew9999

    Jan 14. 2017

    So, basically, a bunch of boorish Americans, doing boorish American things, with other boorish Americans. Why would anyone go all the way to Thailand for that crap? You can do all that stuff in America or any Caribbean location. But thanks for showing me the 10 places to avoid when I go there. I prefer the true Thai experience.

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  3. Berly

    Feb 21. 2017

    Don’t go to Thailand. Many women tourists have died from aluminum phoshide pesticide. It kills very fast. They use it in hostels/hotels.

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  4. Robert

    Apr 02. 2017

    Well thats put me off…

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  5. Lucas Mendes

    Apr 03. 2017

    I’m Thai but I’m not agreed with you

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  6. Cosps

    Apr 15. 2017

    I’m going very soon, I can’t wait to go here and vlog my experience. I hope that I can experience real Thailand and not cause any harm or disrespect to the culture as it is such a beautiful place 😍😍

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  7. good fellah

    Apr 18. 2017

    I really hate how sensitive people have become…i mean people ride horses, camels etc. when did it become a bad thing to ride en elephant?

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  8. P W

    Apr 30. 2017

    OMG คุณชอบเมืองไทย เหมือนกันนะเนี่ย Thailand for the day

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  9. pillowigloo slothmoth

    Jun 03. 2017

    Christ almighty! Ive just booked tickets to thailand. I’m using this video to avoid all the places you pillocks hang out. Bunch of utter bellends.

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  10. dswagger Greene

    Jun 15. 2017

    can’t really do that at new York😪

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  11. Altex lan

    Jun 22. 2017

    Thailand is a racial country, if you are dark, they treat you like dogs.

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  12. Cryptozike

    Jun 22. 2017

    Should have put Pattaya who Agree’s

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  13. Leigh & Toon Rural life Thailand

    Jun 23. 2017

    Nice fast-paced vlog . . . Cheers Leigh & Toon.

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  14. AlexAndDiegoGame

    Jun 30. 2017

    khao lak is the best place in thailand

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  15. Holly Langmaid

    Jul 01. 2017

    I’m going to Thailand tomorrow and I am so excited

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  16. Ponggreate Subpitakdee

    Jul 08. 2017

    คนไทย=I am Thai people

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  17. พ.อ.ฟุ่มเฟือย เพื่อน พ.อ.ปรภหยัด

    Jul 08. 2017

    ขอบคุณที่รักประเทศไทยของเรา😄😄😄 20:55 8/ก.ค./60.Thank you to our beloved Thailand.

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  18. KingSlimjeezy

    Jul 11. 2017

    click bait

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  19. Mike Chen

    Jul 12. 2017

    Never go there a loser nation a loser people hate to say that but all Buddhist are going to hell!

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  20. Dolores Tomas

    Jul 16. 2017

    check out my new Thailand video!!!

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