Top 10 Vacation Spots In The World

From Bora to Las Vegas, we count down Leading 10 Vacations In The World.

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Top 10 Getaway In The World.



30 Responses to “Top 10 Vacation Spots In The World”

  1. Aquaaa

    Dec 03. 2015

    MindChop, love your videos <33
    The voices over them are amazing :3

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  2. Amazing Tunisia روائع تونس

    Nov 17. 2016

    Next time come to Tunisia! We have the most beautiful beaches in Mediterranean Sea 👌

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    • Beth

      Dec 28. 2016

      Amazing Tunisia روائع تونس too dangerous, but it was lovely before, I went once b4 the war then went a month ago and had to be sent home

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    • Raymond Chappell

      Jan 14. 2017

      don’t listen to this person, when I went to Tunisia the beaches were full of litter. There were also multiple incidents of harassment where me and my family were basically trapped in shops by shopkeepers forcing us to buy stuff. And you constantly get the smell of sewers as soon as you step out of your hotel. I will never be visiting Tunisia again, worst holiday ever.

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    • Amazing Tunisia روائع تونس

      Feb 14. 2017

      What war are you talking about? Tunisia is much more peaceful than many European countries right now, not a single incident has been reported since that savage terrorist attack in March and June 2015 just take a
      look at the global peace index 2016 ranking, Tunisia is ranked 64 well it’s true that we dropped out of top 50 after the revolution (37 for 2010) still, though safer than many countries for instance Greece Turkey
      Argentina Morocco South Africa UAE …

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    • Amazing Tunisia روائع تونس

      Feb 14. 2017

      Can you post a picture of you during your trip in Tunisia coz obviously you were not here 😉

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    • Alicia Jamaica

      Mar 07. 2017

      Amazing Tunisia روائع تونس I watched most of your videos and it doesn’t look interesting at all but that’s just me. Why would you want to travel there when you can travel to one of these places in the video.

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  3. donut burger

    Mar 09. 2017

    Las Vegas is way too overrated

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  4. UWantVines?

    Mar 17. 2017

    5:03 what is that in the trees(top left corner)

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  5. Andrew Gerstner

    May 11. 2017

    Trust me Las Vegas is trash.

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  6. George Tz

    May 13. 2017

    Turks and Caicos should have been on this list

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  7. Clarity Zone

    May 29. 2017

    This is the most rediculous, ignorant, racist video I’ve ever seen.

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  8. Traveling with Iris

    Jun 13. 2017

    Aruba is really beautiful♥️

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  9. Yolanda Howard

    Jun 14. 2017

    I enjoyed this video. Your channel seems interesting, so I am going to subscribe.

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  10. saif bakri

    Jun 23. 2017

    Iam definitely going to Maldives

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  11. Kiet Giang Melbourne Inc

    Jun 24. 2017

    Awesome! definitely on my bucklist of things to accomplish & visit…

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  12. Carla Joseph

    Jun 25. 2017

    It is pronounced MAL-DEEVS

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  13. Gemma Thompson

    Jul 01. 2017

    you pronounced maldives wrong.

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  14. Kathy M. Wright

    Jul 02. 2017

    Like this video -month- #ChupaKids

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  15. lolli123!! lol

    Jul 02. 2017


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  16. Chinchilla is cute!

    Jul 08. 2017

    I went to Nevada already…

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    Jul 09. 2017

    very excellent educating beautiful video

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  18. Beyond Life

    Jul 10. 2017

    I wouldn’t go to Paris right now b/c of the terrorism problems they are going through

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  19. Trololololol

    Jul 16. 2017

    Bro…. Dubai ???

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  20. Soccer is My life

    Jul 18. 2017

    Egypt is the best it’s really fun

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