Tour of Charlotte, NC – Best Places to Visit

Join Scott as he offers an assisted tour of the past and present highlights of Charlotte – North Carolina's Queen city

This trip of Charlotte sees center city (prosperous), the NoDa neighborhood, Brooke's Sandwhich Store (NoDa), the booty loop in Myer's Park, Mcdonalds in South Park, Carowinds Theme Park, The Billy Graham Library, Rates Chicken Coup in South End, Flexibility Park in Dilworth, and The Mind Museum in South Charlotte.

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24 Responses to “Tour of Charlotte, NC – Best Places to Visit”

  1. Ryebreads

    Apr 19. 2016

    Our Charlotte family loves living in this awesome city.
    We have daily Vlog’s based in Charlotte.

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  2. Jim Cash.

    Sep 09. 2016

    Chicken man was not so friendly ,and another non tax paying spot. CASH ONLY. We all know what thats about. Guess thats the American way…….. I’l pass .! Nice city though.

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    Nov 14. 2016

    Hello !
    I am thinking about moving to N.C so I am watching your video. My mother was from Wilson, N.C . All the best Shaun

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  4. P Con

    Nov 18. 2016

    Home of Charlotte 49ers

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  5. sj brigante

    Nov 30. 2016

    i love this city. I love North Carolina

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  6. Love Emojis

    Dec 15. 2016

    I live in Charlotte!

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  7. Anne Wilson

    Jan 02. 2017

    Charlotte is amazing. worth visiting and moving to .

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  8. Henrison Daily

    Jan 06. 2017

    Thanks for this video about our city … please feel free to watch mines recorded right in here mostly of the time.

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  9. sj brigante

    Jan 22. 2017

    God I want to live there.

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  10. bonnie 101

    Feb 18. 2017

    thanks i like my city i think it the best place to vist

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  11. Justin Maas

    Apr 12. 2017

    charlotte is a fucking shithole!!! There’s nothing there but rednecks and niggers.

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  12. Michael Lavoie

    Apr 18. 2017

    Charlotte sucks! Charlotte & the people in Charlotte think it is a “real” city. Panther fans are the worst fans of any NFL team. Mooresville (approx 20 min north of Charlotte) is the place to be!

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  13. Rafael Alves

    Apr 23. 2017

    the guy rolling his eyes at 0:51 HAHAHHAA

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  14. MrAzndead

    May 15. 2017

    looks about 15-20 years behind modern day.

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  15. Arron Williams

    May 29. 2017

    Hey Scott, This is Arron we met at Ephesus Church! Great Video, Charlotte is still segregated but overall great place to live!

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  16. Hi Bob

    Jun 15. 2017

    Ha, I live Charlotte

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  17. atomic3939

    Jun 30. 2017

    Scrawny looking chicken

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  18. Alexander Whitfield

    Jul 02. 2017

    Thanks for a great Video. Thanks for not using curse words. I have kids watching this Video

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  19. Airport Info HQ

    Jul 12. 2017

    0:28 Noda
    0:48 Brooks
    1:51 Carowinds
    2:19 Billy Graham Library
    2:54 Chicken Coop
    4:20 Freedom Park
    Thank you for uploading your awesome tour. Very helpful!

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